Welcome to our humble home on the web!

Kraton has been formed in March 2011 and we hail from the Bricherhaff near Contern, Luxembourg. Our music is rooted in Death Metal, complemented by other styles to create our notion of a gritty and organic sound. We have released two self-produced demos so far: “Ker” in 2011 and “World Eater” in 2013. Since our inception, we shared all kinds of stages with a lot of local and several international bands and we are eager to expand further into the Greater Region and beyond.

Trivia: the band name itself is the german term used in geology to describe an old and stable part of the continental lithosphere.


Jason Brink (Guitar)

Véronique Conrardy (Drums)

Jacques Zahlen (Guitar)

Marc Geiben (Bass)

Mike Bertemes (Vocals)

Former members:
Sascha Urban Bass July 2013 – June 2014
Joël Reiter Bass March 2011 – July 2013